From a February 2018 feature in the Pennsylvania Gazette:


"As the vocal warm-ups began—repeated “ahh”s and “ee”s, mostly—Mateo Fortes Nu’19, Counterparts’ music director, snapped his fingers and conducted. Then the group broke into “Route 66.” Their voices soared up and out, filling the room, twisting and swirling together to make a full sound. Each part distinct but mixed into a single entity too.

Counterparts had the most competitive auditions of any a cappella group on campus this year. Out of 111 people who tried out, only three were selected. Two of them have perfect pitch.

In November, the group rented a sound stage in Center City to shoot a music video. At their fall show, they sold Counterparts hats and CDs of their brand-new album, Americano, recorded with The Vocal Company. (Cost to produce that album: $18,500.) Four years ago, they made it to the semifinals of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella.

When Counterparts formed in 1981, there was no a cappella championship. No music videos, either. There wasn’t even another co-ed a cappella group on campus yet."


Excerpt from "Everyone's Song" by Molly Petrilla. Read the rest of the article here.



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